Helicopters are adaptable aircraft that provide the best options for travel through congested urban areas and inaccessible terrain without airports. We supply both short-range and long-range helicopters that can transport people comfortably while also hauling cargo or large amounts of luggage. Compared to jets, helicopters may be scheduled with less notice and can operate at lower altitudes.

Helicopters are the best way to get you to your destination in elegance and comfort, whether you’re travelling alone, taking a family or group of friends on a vacation, or sending your business team to a meeting at a separate company location. While both light aeroplanes and helicopters provide the possibility for swift and pleasant travel, helicopters are more adaptable than other types of aircraft.

Helicopters have an advantage over planes because they require less room to land than planes do, allowing them to reach places that are difficult or impossible to access without airports, such as mountain tops, remote areas, parking lots, or even yachts, and move easily through congested urban areas. This implies that helicopters can easily access gorgeous vacations on private islands, ski visits to mountain destinations, and dining on skyscrapers. Since helicopters may be reserved with less notice than aircraft, booking last-minute vacations or urgent travel is simple.

Additionally, you will automatically avoid all the commotion and unpleasantness that can accompany travelling on a commercial aeroplane because there is no dependency on landing strips. There’s no need to navigate airport crowds, wait in line for boarding, worry about missing your flight, or overcome the numerous obstacles in order to get to the boarding gate. When travelling by helicopter, you can board the aircraft immediately before takeoff, which is a significantly faster and smoother operation. You will thereby gain substantial time savings. You can also be taken to multiple locations by the same helicopter charter operator, streamlining your travel arrangements for you.

Long-Range & Short-Range Helicopters

So take advantage of the numerous special benefits of a helicopter ride with Bluedot’s helicopter charters, whether you’re organising a weekend getaway with friends or transporting a group of businesspeople to a meeting in a nearby city. Every flight is supported by our high level of effectiveness, meticulous attention to detail, and fast service.

We supply short-range and long-range helicopters that can transport people comfortably as well as freight or large objects, depending on your needs and specifications. We also guarantee that you will be treated like a VIP the entire time, from a quick boarding process to free onboard amenities to ensure that you arrive at your destination calmly and revived.