The Best Air Ambulance to Use

People and organisations have trouble understanding the Air Ambulance services that are available to them, primarily due to a lack of clear guidelines and information. Additionally, a few of players maintain their operations at ostensibly minimal costs by employing subpar medical personnel or flights with insufficient equipment. In order to select the best air ambulance, it is important to consider the dedication, expertise, and equipment of the ambulance team.

Why Pick a Medical Escort on an Airline?

Airline medical escort is a secure and cost-effective substitute for air ambulance and ground ambulance transport for patients who meet Safe Fly Ambulance and commercial airline regulations. Despite being less expensive than air ambulance travel, ground ambulance transport is not always appropriate for a patient due to the amount of time spent travelling. Patients in need of basic medical care have found airline medical escort to be a reliable alternative method of transportation.

Your patient will be able to spend the majority of an international flight lying down in a seat that reclines to a bed. The patient must, however, sit erect and unsupported during takeoff and landing. Additionally, on every trip, a qualified registered nurse attends to your patient’s basic medical needs as well as comfort needs from the moment they leave their starting institution until they arrive at their destination.

What Conditions Must Commercial Medical Escort Patients Meet?

Patients must adhere to minimum conditions in order to fly. During takeoff and landing, patients must be able to sit up straight using their own muscles. It is not possible to strap patients into a sitting position. They must also refrain from physical and verbal aggression. Additionally, airlines do not want to provide extensive care during the flight, so only basic medical attention, such as a small amount of oxygen, can be provided.

Before a patient can travel on a commercial flight with a medical escort, there are additional standards set forth by Safe Fly Air Ambulance that must be met. The patient must have basic medical requirements that can be safely met aboard an aeroplane. The patient must be capable of comprehending and adhering to instructions. The patient must be on 2.5 litres or less of oxygen due to pressure drops experienced during flight.

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