Badrinath JI-Kedarnath JI Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter 2019


Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter 2019, service for Shri Kedarnath Ji, Shri Badrinath Ji, Gangotri and  Yamunotri  packages by helicopter from Delhi and Dehradun 2019

Regular Helicopter charters from Delhi to Haridwar,

Rishikesh, Vrindavan, Agra, Jaipur etc to continue throughout the year.

Char Dham Yatra by helicopter & Do Dham from Dehradun 2019. 

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A Short Glance To most Scred Centres of Pilgrimage


Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Ji is highest among the 12 Jyotirlingas. This ancient and magnificent temple is located in the Rudra Himalaya range. This temple, over a thousand years old is built of massive stone slabs over a large rectangular platform. Ascending through the large gray steps leading to the holy sanctums we find inscriptions in Pali on the steps. The present temple was built by Adi Shankaracharya.The inner walls of the temple sanctum are adorned with figures of various deities and scenes from mythology. The origin of the revered temple can be found in the great epic – Mahabharata. According to legends, the Pandavas sought the blessings of Lord Shiva to atone their sin after the battle of Mahabharata. Lord Shiva eluded them repeatedly and while fleeing took refuge at Kedarnath in the form of a bull. On being followed, he dived into the ground leaving behind his hump on the surface. Outside the temple door, a large statue of the Nandi Bull stands as guard. A conical rock formation inside the temple is worshiped as Lord Shiva in his Sadashiva form.


Badrinath Temple

Shri Badrinath Ji Dham (one of the Char Dham) is considered as one of the most sacred centres of pilgrimage. It is situated in the lofty Himalayan heights in the Garhwal hill tracks (Uttarakhand). Situated at the height of 3133 m (10248 feet) above sea level. The route to Badrinath is one of the fascinating ones due to the lofty hilly terrain, curves, and cliffs, amidst the most scenically beautiful places on the earth.

At Badrinath, Lord Mahavishnu is believed to have done his penance. Seeing the Lord doing his penance in the open, Goddess Mahalaxmi is believed to have assumed the form of Badari tree to provide him shelter to face the onslaught of the adverse weather conditions, therefore the name Badari Narayan. It is believed that Lord Vishnu revealed to Narad Rishi that Nar & Narayan forms were his own. It is also believed that Narad Rishi, who also did his penance here, is even now worshipping the supreme God with Ashtakshara mantras.

The image of Badarinarayan here is fashioned out of Saligramam. Badarinarayan is seen under the Badari tree, flanked by Kuber and Garuda, Narad, Narayan, and Nar. Mahalakshmi has a sanctum outside in the parikrama. There is also a shrine to Adi Sankara at Badrinath.

Behind the temple of Lord Badarinarayan is the Lakshmi Narasimha Mandir, with shrines to Desikacharya and Ramanujachary. At Badrinath, one can witness one of the greatest wonders of Nature in the Hot water springs of Taptkund on the banks of ice chilled river Alaknanda. The temperature of the water in the Kund is 55-degree centigrade whereas the normal temperature in this region for the most part of the year remains at 9-10 degree centigrade to sub-zero levels. Before visiting the temple the pilgrims take a holy bath in the Taptkund.

The Temple’s present structure was built by the Kings of Garhwal. The Temple has three sections – Garbhagriha (Sanctum), the Darshan Mandap, and Sabha Mandap. The Garbhagriha (Sanctum) houses Lord Badri Narayan, Kuber (God of wealth), Narad Rishi, Udhava, Nar & Narayan.

Lord Badri Narayan (also called as Badri Vishal) is armed with Shankh (Conch) and Chakra in two arms in a lifted posture and two arms rested on the lap in Yogamudra. The principal image is of black stone and it represents Vishnu seated in a meditative pose. The temple also houses Garuda (Vehicle of Lord Narayan). Also here are the idols of Adi Shankar, Swami Desikan, and Shri Ramanujam. Guru-Shisya param para is supposed to have its roots here.

Char Dham Yatra Tour Packages Detail


Dehradun-Shri Kedarnath-Shri Badrinath-Dehradun Helicopter Service  2018

⇒ Helicopter type Bell 407/AS 350 B3

⇒ Seating 04 Passengers.

⇒ The number of days 01/02* depending on the weather.

⇒ Helicopter Same day Return

Dehradun-Shri Kedarnath-Dehradun Charter Helicopter Service

⇒ Helicopter type Bell 407/AS 350 B3

⇒ Seating 04 passengers.

⇒ Number of Days 01

⇒ Helicopter Same day Return

Dehradun-Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath-Dehradun

⇒ Helicopter Type Bell 407/AS 350 B3

⇒ Seating 04 passengers.

⇒ The number of Days 01/02 depending on the weather.

⇒ Helicopter Same day Return

Dehradun-Shri Badrinath-Dehradun

⇒ Helicopter type Bell 407/AS 350 B3

⇒ Seating 04 passengers.

⇒ Number of Days 01

⇒ Helicopter Same day Return


⇒ Helicopter type Bell 407/AS 350 B3

⇒ The number of Days 01/02 depending on the weather.

⇒ Helicopter Same day Return


⇒ Helicopter type Bell 407/AS 350 B3

⇒ The number of Days 01/02 depending on the weather.

⇒ Helicopter Same day Return

Char Dham Yatra By Helicopter 2018

⇒ 0700 Departure from Dehradun Sahastradhara Heliport.

⇒ 0800 Arrive Kharsali

⇒ On arrival start your trek for Yamunotri Dham approx 6 km journey

⇒ After the darshan, trek back to Kharsali.

⇒ You have an option of taking ponies or Palki for the trek

⇒ 1300 Departure from Kharsali by helicopter to Harsil

⇒ 1400 Arrive Harsil. The Gangotri temple is 24kms from the helipad and it

⇒ takes about 45 minutes one way.

⇒ 1500 Arrive at the Gangotri Temple.

⇒ 1630 Drive to your Hotel/Cottages after the darshan.

⇒ 0700 After an early breakfast, leave Harsil for Kedarnath.

⇒ 0800 Arrive Kedarnath. You will be escorted to the Shrine.

⇒ 1100 Leave for Badrinath

⇒ 1200 Arrive Badrinath.

⇒ 1500 Depart for Dehradun

⇒ 1600 Arrive Dehradun

⇒ 05 passengers Max *subject to weight /Helicopter FULL CHARTER FOR 05 GUESTS*

⇒The number of Days 02. Depending on the weather.

or ask us for a tailor made the package which suits you best cost may vary in that option

Dehradun-Kedarnath-Badrinath-Dehradun (Char Dham Yatra By Helicopter )

⇒ Number of Days – 01/02 Depending on the weather.

⇒ 0700 Departure from Shastradhara Helipad Dehradun

⇒ 0800 Arrive Kedarnath.(Change Of helicopter at base camp) You will be escorted to the Shrine.

⇒ 1100 Leave for Badrinath Or return to Dehradun.

⇒ 1200 Arrive Badrinath. Attend the Puja specially arranged for you.

⇒ 1500 Depart for Dehradun

⇒ 1600 Arrive Dehradun

⇒ Helicopter Same day return. FULL CHARTER FOR 04/05* GUESTS

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